Quik! Technology Solutions For Forms Automation Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions  
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"We went live with the Quik! Web Forms Engine in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated product company forms that Quik! provides."
- Darren Tedesco, Commonwealth Financial Services, Inc.

FAQs For Solution Developers
The most frequently asked questions about developing solutions with Quik! are shown below - click the question to expand the answer. There are additional FAQs for each of our product categories (see the list at the bottom of the page). If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

What does Quik! do for someone building a technology solution?
Quik! technologies were designed to be incorporated and integrated into other technology solutions. If you are building a website, web application, desktop application or any other technology platform, you extend your application with:
- forms generation
- forms data processing
- save in-process forms
- e-signature management
- document imaging integration
- connectivity to over 30 data sources and CRMs
Quik! solution developer technologies are modular, extensible and efficient. Many Quik! technologies work within both Windows and Java environments.
Which products are best for solution developers?
Technology solution developers can benefit from many Quik! products including:
- Quik! Forms Building Service – we turn your forms into fillable PDFs
- Quik! Web Forms Engine – generate and pre-fill forms
- Quik! Forms Data Engine – process form data and communicate with form users
- Quik! Forms Repository – enable users to save forms that are in process
- Quik! E-Signature Solutions – enable users to sign forms electronically
- Quik! DataBase Connector (QDBC) – connect your product to 30+ data sources
Does Quik! support Windows or Java environments?
Many Quik! technologies work within both Windows and Java environments. All Windows-based products are .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 compliant. All Java-based products are J2EE 1.5 and above compliant.
How much does Quik! cost?
Quik! is priced in many ways depending on the product and usage. Many of the products are priced as a flat monthly fee with unlimited usage. If you are developing a product that could benefit by being partnered with us, we offer special partner pricing that can compliment your business and user model. Please inquire for more information.
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